Located in Hanoi, Vietnam, Bún Chả Burger is a delightful fusion of East meets West, offering a unique culinary experience that tantalizes the taste buds with the best of both worlds.
Thanh Tran knew she had something special when she founded Bun Cha Burger, but the restaurant owner needed help getting the word out and attracting more customers to her new establishment. That's where I came in. In 2019, I developed a targeted digital marketing strategy aimed at attracting expat and Western tourists, leveraging the restaurant's location in a popular expat area and the enticing blend of Vietnamese and Western flavors. 
As the social media marketer for Bun Cha Burger, I crafted compelling narratives, designed eye-catching graphics, and captured mouthwatering photos of both the restaurant ambiance and its delectable fusion cuisine. Through the strategic use of Facebook and Instagram, I successfully engaged with the local community and beyond, drawing in new customers eager to experience the innovative culinary offerings of Bun Cha Burger.
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