Daisy is a tech-driven condo and co-op management company revolutionizing how buildings are run.
Soon after Daisy's July 2021 launch, the company sought guidance from Yeshiva University's Innovation Lab to bolster its customer outreach and acquisition efforts.
As a graduate student enrolled in YU's Digital Marketing & Media program, I had the privilege of leading a dedicated team of peers to craft a thorough marketing strategy tailored to Daisy's needs.
How can Daisy reach board members?
Targeting Daisy's primary customer base, HOA board members, poses distinct challenges owing to the voluntary nature of their role and the lack of specific criteria for identification. Our goal was to devise innovative strategies to effectively engage this elusive demographic.
To overcome this challenge, we conducted extensive research and analysis to gain insight into the target audience. We then applied these insights to develop buyer personas that included demographics, behaviors, and preferences.
After thorough analysis, we pinpointed Daisy's primary persona: Charles Smith, the Overworked Board President. Charles embodies the profile of an established professional who is technologically savvy and constantly juggling multiple responsibilities. Given his busy schedule, he finds appeal in convenient, tech-enabled solutions like Daisy.

Buyer Persona: Charles Smith, Overworked Board President

SWOT Analysis
Daisy's greatest strength is its tech-enabled ability to streamline processes and communication for residents and board members, while its weaknesses primarily centered around the company's novelty.
Several opportunities were identified for the emerging PropTech company in the post-COVID world, including increased demand for virtual community-building and a growing population of Millennial/Gen Z homeowners. However, the possibility of competing companies adopting similar technology could threaten Daisy's growth.
Daisy: As Easy As The Click of a Button
Recognizing the time constraints faced by board members who deeply care about their condo or co-op, we launched a social media campaign highlighting Daisy's user-friendly platform. The campaign likened the simplicity of Daisy to everyday tasks like hailing an Uber, sending a text, or using budget tracking apps—all achievable with just a click.
Multi-Channel Creative Strategy
Our team developed a comprehensive, multi-channel content strategy for Daisy to target board members like Charles at every stage of the customer journey. Strategic recommendations included:
Thought Leadership Collab: We identified key thought leaders and figures in the property management space who could serve as potential partners with Daisy.  By collaborating with these "influencers" to create content for social media, podcasts, blogs, etc., Daisy will gain exposure and trust with their established audiences.
Gated Educational Content: Our content strategy included the development of targeted, long-form educational content such as eBooks that serve as lead magnets. After clicking a targeted ad on Google or LinkedIn, users are required to submit their contact info via the lead form to download the eBook.
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