Ha Giang Epic Tour is a 3-day guided "easy rider" motorbike tour through the epic limestone mountains of the Ha Giang Loop in northern Vietnam, brought to you by Cheers Hostel Hanoi.

A blog post about Ha Giang Epic Tour

Ha Giang Epic Tour recognized the power of content marketing and influencer engagement in driving bookings, and they found the perfect partner in me. After searching "Ha Giang Loop" on Google and discovering my blog post as one of the top search results, they knew they had found someone with the right audience and expertise to grow their online presence.
After being invited to experience their 3-day tour for myself, I leveraged my expertise in SEO and content creation to craft a promotional blog post for Ha Giang Epic Tour. Additionally, I developed a marketing plan that provided strategic recommendations to increase Ha Giang Epic Tour's audience reach. Together, we successfully captured the essence of the Ha Giang experience, driving increased interest and bookings for their tours.
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